Dual-automatic liquid sampling system

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Dual-automatic liquid sampling system

Part No: RDGEL-211


ITEM SIZE300× 240× 420mm PACKAGING SIZE310× 250× 430mm


EL Series multifunction liquid sampling system is richer Electric Division launched a new generation of multi-purpose liquid handling equipment, high-strength and corrosion-resistant shell Y-ceramic rotary valve made of pure imported materials Seiko produced, the choice of high-speed chip, next generation power plant propeller and 7-inch high-color touch screen, micro-printer and other devices to provide stable and secure high-precision experiments; versatile: set dilution, titration, loading, dispensing, mixing diverse as this one, completely replace the conventional pipette, diluted meter, titrator;
Multi-industry: it can be used for chemical analysis, environmental analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, clinical medicine, biotechnology, molecular biology, food industry;
Typical customer: environmental, petrochemical, marine, construction and steel industry analysis center; measurement, quality inspection and environmental agencies; hospital, CDC, blood and forensic identification center; chemical, biological and pharmaceutical laboratories and other professional; chemical plant , pharmaceutical and pesticide factories and other enterprises;

Packing List
1. The host 1 (built-in LCD touch screen Chinese control software system)
2. imported original syringe (5ml) 2 pcs
3. RS232-USB data cable 1 pc
4. hose (1/16 inch) outside diameter of 6 meters
5. O-ring 5 * 1.5 12 (2 sets)
6. handle a sample 7. The power line 1 pc
8. pedals 1 pc
9. Other: Computer (WindowsXP) software installation CD 1; User Manual 1; 1
single receipt service; factory certificate 1; 1 small parts bag


Liquid handling volume 5μl-25ml
Effective dilution 0.8 to 0.001 (adjustable)
Accuracy ≥99% (ie deviation<1%
Precision (repeatability) ≤ ± 0.1%
Syringe effective working distance 60mm (corresponding to 96,000 steps), the error is ± 1mm
Incremental volume total capacity syringe 0.1% to 100%
Pusher piston speed 0.06μm / s - 15mm / s (corresponding to 267 hours / full --4 seconds / full), the maximum speed of t
A piston driving force (maximum speed) Full driving force ≥8kgf
Operating temperature 10 ℃ -40 ℃
Humidity range 10% -90%
Atmospheric pressure 50KPa-200KPa
Power 24V-36V / 50Hz, 30W (single channel) / 50W (dual channel)