Desktop SMT Pick and Place Machine CHMT28 SMD Pick place Prototype English Version Charmhigh 110v 220v

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Desktop SMT Pick and Place Machine CHMT28 SMD Pick place Prototype English Version Charmhigh 110v 220v

Part No: CHMT28


ITEM SIZEL 855mm x W 535mm x H 335mm PACKAGING SIZEL 855mm x W 535mm x H 335mm


CharmHigh CHMT28 and CHMT36 are desktop automatic pick and place machines especially developed for research laboratories and small medium manufacturing enterprises however it will also be suitable for the serious hobbyist. These automatic pick and place machines are suitable for small batch production, laboratory research and development, product sample trials, LED SMT processing and other similar processes, it is cost-efficient with high precision, very good for profotyping and small batches production.
1) Laser positioner, easy for online programming.
2) Own vacuum testing, if one component suck crooked, will throw to the deposit area, then re-pick and place again..
3) Dual pick and place head design helps increase output, 2pcs juki nozzles, change quikcly and easy.
4) Dual built-in mute type pumps (cost and room saving, no need to prepare additional pump)
5) Standard 8G SD card, mass storage of CSV working file
6) Ful touch screen interface input/output, easy operation
7) Integrated Automatic FeedersAutomatic Nylon Spool Wheel
8) support single step, easy operation.
10) Can mount 0402,0603,0805 ... 5050 SO-8 ... SO-16, SOT-23, SOT-89, TO-252 packages .
11) No vision system, 28 and 36 model are laser positioning. CHMT48V with vision.
12) Build-in software operating system, support Online programming: could easily online programming if you don’t have PCB Circuit diagram, with the assistance from laser positioner. No need to attach to a separate computer.
13) Easy programming, only takes 5mins: use Protel tool to extract the PCB circuit coordinate file, and use the format transformation tool we provided to you to transform the file format, and then copy to the SD card, insert to the machine, then you could use the file directly.
14) Standardization of packaging ensures safe transport.
15) Small and lightweight: simple installation, convenient transportation.
16) Working power max not over 200w, stand by power under 80w.
Model CHMT28
PCB area 10mm*10mm~270mm*290mm
X Y Axis travel 280*300mm
Z Axis moving range 15mm
Nozzle quantity 2 PCS
Feeders Total 25pcs stack (8MM=14 pcs, 12MM=2 pcs, 16MM=1 pcs, prey IC tray = 8 pcs)
Speed Max 6000cph
Precision ±0.025mm
Size 0402-5050, SOP,QFN ( width: 8MM, 12MM,16MM)
Dimension L 855mm*W 535mm*H 335mm
vacuum air pump -92KPA( in-built ) mute type pump air pump 2pcs ( in-built ) mute type pump
Voltage 220V or (110V), 50Hz
Power 200W
Weight 50kg
Gross weith 60kg
Applications industry:
Household appliances industry, Auto electronics industry, Power industry, LED industry, security,instruments and meters industry, communications industry, intelligent control industry, Internet of Things(IOT) industry and military industry, etc.
Standard Accessories for CHMT28:
1) SMT Desktop Pick and Place Machine CHMT28 *1
2) Juki Nozzle*4 (503, 504, 505, 506).
3) SD Card*1
4) SD Card reader*1
5) Pull pins: 2
6) Coil for pull pin:2
7) Hex wrench: 6
8) Tweezers: 1
9) Brush: 1
10) English user manual: 1