⒈ Check the temperature-controlled intact, heating appliances in good condition, pay attention to timely adjust the heating temperature in each point of the target range.
⒉ Inspection speed traction control film thickness.
⒊ Observe adjust the film thickness uniformity, folded diameter standard.
⒋ Check the air cylinder pressure accumulator, not too high, but there should be an alternate pressure.
⒌ Check the control ratio of raw materials and mixed well.
⒍ Check whether the raw material impurities, particularly iron should be mixed with a magnet to check.
⒎ Bit and check the gearbox lubricant compressor cylinder lubrication.
⒏ Regularly check the operation of the motor temperature and mechanical transmission case.

Blowing Machine Caution

⒈ when operating the machine operator can not stand in front of, to avoid accidental injury to the operator. Prevent the feed material in a hard object with metal impurities and damage to the machine operating gadgets fall into the barrel. Prohibit use gloves when handling a rotating machine, in case of injury involved.
⒉ Good inspection and processing gear box, lubricating oil within the compressor, check the mechanical transmission parts lubrication. Avoid drying operations damage the machine and make a noise.

⒊ start operation if each power supply wiring for broken, leakage; check the instrument for damage not normal. Before starting to ensure that all safety components properly so as not to affect the production and cause an accident.
⒋ Deposition within the range of conditions to improve the molding temperature, cooling air temperature, and the blow-up ratio; then the film increased turbidity, reduce gloss; on the contrary increased.
⒌ Die when the material uniform to wear gloves, slowly pulling the tube, while the tube end closure, micro entered the gas control valve, so that the mandrel from the center hole into a small amount of compressed air, then carefully lead to over-foam stabilization frame, word board, and penetration pull roll, until the take-up guide roller (If you want to go through embossing embossing roll)
⒍ Blow compressed air pressure tube should be appropriate, not to make tube rupture, but also to ensure the stability of asymmetric membrane tube, relatively to ensure the quality of the production.
⒎ Can be used to clean the extruder and die copper knives, sticks or compressed air to clean up, but it should not damage the screw and the screw smooth surface.